JADEC Logo JADEC is a think tank to study and offer an effective learning method based on brain ehology (cognitive studies).

JADEC is engaged in developing and offering various kinds of programmed textbooks and simulated learning materials.

JADEC is a foundation authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


Shinsaku Kagaya (Director of Hokuriku technical school)
Board members:
10 Governors, 10 Directors and 2 Inspectors
Date established:
September 24th, 1968

Business activities

  1. No.1 A study about the JADEC learning method
  2. No.1 A study of the methodology of a learning system design
  3. No.1 The training of learning instructors
  4. No.1 Consultation about education and training
  5. No.1 Publication of reports about studies / practice, news letters, etc.

Japan Ability Development Engineering Center, Inc.
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